New problem - PDFCreator will not create a pdf

I have been using PDFCreator for some time now but today when I go to print an OpenOffice OpenDocumentText document I get an error message
I have uninstalled and then reinstalled PDFCreator but without solving the problem.

Any help in resolving the problem would be most welcome.

Hi @Dave2,

the error was thrown by PDF Architect 7, not PDFCreator.

Please make sure you were printing to the correct printer and if you did print to a PDFCreator printer, please see if the file was created nonetheless. Maybe PDFCreator just tries to start PDF Architect after converting a document.

Thank you for your very quick reply. Yes, I can now confirm that the pdf file has in fact been created and it seems that the problem solely relates to PDFCreator trying to use PDF Architect 7 to display the file. This problem did not happen before and I'm puzzled why it should have started now. But so long as PDFCreator does actually create the pdf file I can live with the problem.

By the way, I am very grateful to be able to use PDFCreator so please don't think that I am implying any criticism of it.

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You're welcome @Dave2!
You don't even have to live with the problem.
If you're not using PDF Architect, feel free to uninstall it from the control panel.
In PDFCreator, you can disable the option "Use PDF Architect for PDF files" to open the file in another viewer or not at all. :slight_smile:

For these past few weeks I have had soooo much trouble getting PDFcreator to RUN, let alone produce PDFs, culminating today. Let me tell you about it...
** BEWARE I have carried on a bit. :roll_eyes:

I still work in (was Aldus, then) Adobe PageMaker 7 (yeah, I know) who's native PMDs need to be converted to PDFs for the Print Masters creation. Never was a problem using the Adobe Printer, but lately it has, hence my forays into the PDF print apps that are becoming increasingly available.

PDF Architect used to handle the conversion, but then they too stopped, and I eventually arrived at PDFcreator's door, not knowing that you'all are related!

Fast-forward to today - after using Windows Control Panel\Programs to delete my previous installation of PDFcreator and PDF Architect 7 (which I found in both \Program Files AND \Program Files (x86)) I then checked for any remaining files in all 3 locations. PDFcreator was all gone, but NOT PDF A7. So I deleted what I could find in both folders and rebooted.

THEN I did a complete scan and Registry Cleaner, rebooted again before downloading the latest PDFCreator-3_5_1-Setup.exe (version and with high hopes, ran it.

Well, to save writing it all out, here's the story in pictures...

Hopefully you can see that.

So, PDFcreator has still not been functionally installed, although PDF Architect 7 has been reinstalled in both \Program Files AND \Program Files (x86) folders!! :scream:

I need a shot :grimacing: or 2, so I'll check back here after that for a well-deserved solution to this ridiculous situation. OK, I'm done.

All the best,