New update 1.5.1 no longer works

I have used PDF Creater with earlier version just fine and very pleased with it.

I finally decided to upgrade the 1.5.1. Now it no longer works for me.

I am using Win XP SP3. I use a Gateway Netbook. When I get the printer dialog with PDF Creator as default and select it, nothing happens. I no longer get the save option.

I let the update program uninstall the previous version, but since the new version has loaded, I no longer able to save print as a PDF file. I can select PDF Create which is set as my default printer, but I never get the next dialog of where to save te PDF file. Wonder what the update changed in options maybe that I need to change.


Hmmmmm. Either no one knows why PDFCreator would not work or no one understands my situation. Let me ask 2 questions as I have no where else to get information than from the very  source of it.

1) Is there a way to get a copy of 1.5.0 or earlier? That one worked before I updated.

2)Is there missing information that does not make my request worth the time to reply?

I appreciate any and all assistance. Thanks


ps. This discussion had 1 comment. Is that my own post? I see where no one as replied.