Newbie can PDFCreator be used to flatten a PDF?

I have users that has a PDF form, where they can type in numbers .

The users uploads the PDF to our server. I need to make the PDF "FLAT". ie so the numbers cannot be changed.

Can PDFcreator do this?

If not, Suggestion on how to do this?

I need it to run on a server as a silent print.


I would like to know this as well.  I'm creating a report from foxpro and printing it to a PDF, however I'm adding stuff to this report and when I print it out it's not flattened. (Which is easily changed by a user)

Can someone reply and let us know?



A silent printer on a Windows server could be realized with the Auto-save option described here:

And if you do not want the users to modify PDF documents you should sign them, password protect them or print as bitmaps. Text will always be embedded as text per default and I am not aware of a setting that can change that. If you do not want the user to also copy text or images or use any of the other options enable the Security feature:

[ ] Print the document
[ ] Copy text and images
[X] Modify the document
[ ] Modify the comments

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So this is great security, or so I thought.
256 AES, and put no content copy.
Great, in Adobe reader, document shows (SECURED) in app title bar. No COPY+PASTE allowed.

Drop it into Firefox and COPY+PASTE all you like.

is there a solution to creating content that's not copy-pasteable?