No PDF created, no log entries?

Using PDFCreator 2.1 on Win 2012.  Printer is setup fine and works great when using Manual Test Page.  I have autosave enabled.  I run a 3rd party app that prints to the PDF printer.  I see the job enter and exit the Windows Print queue almost instantly and then I get no PDF in the default save location.  Also I get nothing in the PDF Creator log at any log level.  Any clues what I can troubleshoot?


I have a same problem. I’m using the PDF Cretor as a printer for Bartender (Commander). COmmander running as a windows service under domain user on the same computer as PDF Creator. The domain account now have a Admin rights on the local PC but the result is still same. Print job enter the PDF Creator queue, leave it but no record in the PDF Creator log and no PDF is created. I have a autosave to. 

Windows Print log have a record about print job and all looks perfect. No error log, just “document was printed. No user action is required”.

Trying to troubleshoot this problem but it’s difficult without logs. 
@OP and Vilca

the curernt versions aren't designed or tested for running on servers, probably this is what is causing the issues, especially if no log at all is created. Did you already set the logging level to trace? 


if the .ps files are created but not picked up, there could be a permission problem with the folder (the files are spooled there under the SYSTEM account but the user account doesn't have permission to read the folder, so Ghostscript can't read them for the conversion).
Another possible reason would be the PDFs having any for of security enabled, they can't be reconverted to PDF.

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I had this same issue, and found the files under user\appdata\local\temp\PDFCreator.

In my case the files being printeed are PDFs and for some reason it cant cnvert the pdfs to pdfs and are being places in the user profile directory as .PS files and .inf files