Non-existent Forms Module


Despite there being no option to buy a Forms Module or a Forms Creation Module, as indicated by the application itself and the website, I am unable to insert (things like) a radio button etc after installing the free, Edit and Insert modules. All insert options are greyed out and I continually get redirected to purchase one of the 2 previously mentioned modules.

With both the app and the website saying i need to purchases more modules which apparently don’t exist and can’t be purchased directly, of the remaining three that I haven’t purchased (the Conversion, Review and Secure & Sign Modules) which one do I need to buy that will give me the functionality the elusive Forms Module offers ?

Any help appreciated.


Just to make sure I understand correctly, you have purchased the insert and edit modul and activated the free create modul?
The “Forms” can´t be purchased as standalone Modul, because it doesn´t make sense to have forms without edit and insert, you can either get the “Forms,Edit&Insert” package or the Pro version including all modules.The price for the “Forms, Edit and Insert” modul is maybe allready  deducted by the ammount you have allready spent on the Edit and Insert modules, otherwise there is the possibility to get a refund and buy the correct package afterwards within 30 days of the purchase.