Not able to select the text in PDFs

Hello everyone,

I am on Windows 7 Professional.
Adobe Reader X (version 10.1.9)

I have been using PDF Creator for a long time. Recently, PDF documents created by PDF Creator (some of them) don’t let me select any text. This used to work.

This failed to create a PDF document (that lets me select the text):
- go to any Internet page ( for example)
- print the page with PDF Creator
- open newly created document and you are not going to be able to select any text (within the PDF document)

Does anyone know what have changed recently?
I wonder if I am doing something wrong.


we didn’t change anything about this, but it seems ther have been changes in current versions of browsers. Chrome renders text as images for printing by default, Firefox seems to do it some of the time and opera (according to another user) prints “real” text.
Since PDFCreator is a virtual printer it depends on the printing application, if it doesn’t send real text to the printer, PDFCreator can’t create any in the resulting PDF.



Hi Robin,

I was able to confirm your findings. When PDFCreator is used through Firefox, everything worked fine. Similarly, PDF docs created through Chrome+PDFCreator had this issue (not able to select the text).

I guess I am done with Chrome until they change this approach :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming!

Have a look at the thread

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