Not creating a pdf file

I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit in January, I recently need to use PDFCreator to create a pdf file from an Excel (2003 SP3) spreadsheet. I have upgrade to version 1.2.0 of PDFCreator. When I try to print, my document appears in the PDFCreator program, and the status changes to printing, after that it blinks for about 5 seconds.  I can not find the pdf file.  I searched the c:\\ drive for *.pdf and can not find a new pdf.  I looked in the Windows and Norton logs and in my limited understanding did not find anything.  How do I get the program to work?


When upgrading to Windows 7, you must reinstall PDFCreator to restore the printer driver's rights.

Also, is your PDFCreator printer stopped?  Look in the upper left corner of the PDFCreator window; if there's a red light on the printer icon, it's stopped and PDFCreator accumulates all print jobs in its queue.  (This usually happens when you hold print jobs to combine into a single PDF.)  If so, just click on the icon to change the light back to green and restart the printer; you'll get the usual Save window for any accumulated print jobs.

(A good tip to avoid this if you're combining PDFs:  Once you're done, rather than use the Save button in the main window, simply restart the printer and use the normal Save window to save the combined file.  That way, you never forget to go back to regular operation.)