Only 1/4 of the page shows in Fax and Scan

I have the set the profile to save pdf and then print to windows fax and scan. It comes out like this:

PDF is saved correctly and printing is to a real printer is fine too. Printing frome Adobe PDF to Fax works fine too.
Was wondering if there was anyway to make it look like original. thanks


not sure why it gets printed the way it does, but the main difference between printing the PDF afterwards is the print action will use Ghostscript to print the intermediate Postscript file instead of printing the output with the default application. So a possible work around could be using the “run script” action instead of the “print” action. It is called “run script” but you can run any executable here also and pass along a parameter for printing. Not sure how well this works with Adobe but will work with PDF Architect.

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