Only first page is printed


I'm french so sorry if my English is not really good.


I have a strange problem with the version 0.9.8.

With an Excel file, I select 2, 3 or 4 sheets in my Excel document and after with the PDFCreator printer I create the PDF file.

So I can create one PDF file from an excel file without any any problem.


Now when I want to print this pdf file, only the first page is printed.


For information, I have different format of page in each sheets of the excel document. 1st sheet A4 nomal, 2nd Sheet A3 Landscape....


It was ok with the version 0.9.7 so I don't understand why now it doesn't works.


Could you help me ?

Thank a lot in advance ;)


If you are using Adobe Reader to print the PDF to a PostScript printer, try this:

File, Print, Advanced, Font and Resource Policy, Send for Each Page



Yes it works ;))))

But it's really strange because I remarked this problem is only on 1 computer while I have the same installation on 5 computers (ghost).

Thanks a lot for your help ;)