Only font subset is embedded

Hello, when I print a text PDF to PDFCreator 4.0.4 (to add a background) I have the following results depending on the PDF reader :

  • Chromium/Foxit, I can't select text correctly, but I know it doesn't support PDF printers.
  • PDF Architect, I can't select text, it's as if it's an image.
  • Adobe Reader, I can select the text but copy paste doesn't work : CLIENT => !&'$()

All I can see is that in the original PDF the font says Verdana+0 embedded, in the printed PDF it says Verdana+0 SUBSET embedded (PCBHUT+Verdana+0 built-in in PDF Architect).

Can you see a solution so I can copy text (without using Word which works by adding calibri and converting Verdana+0 to Verdana subset) ?