Open after saving, PDF window size

I don’t want a borderless full window view like you provide for in settings, I just want PDFCreator to remember that I’m opening a saved PDF at whatever size I set it at on my secondary 24" LCD in portrait mode. Best I can tell, PDFCreator is opening it to the 1200 pixel height of my main monitor which is another 24" LCD in landscape mode, which is not where I view PDFs.

I tell Acrobat to remember the window size and it’s fine as long as I’m opening saved PDFs, but as soon as PDFCreator saves a new one it opens on my 24" portrait mode LCD at a 1200 pixel height. Your settings do not appear to provide any control over this…

My day job involves the constant creation of price quote and order confirmation PDFs. I need this hassle to be removed from my workflow. Please. It used to be fine in your last version before 2.0.