Open pdf files when add

Is there any way to make the program do not open the pdf files when you add?

I need to combine 74 pdfs and, when I try to add in the PDF Print Monitor, this try to open each file one by one, waiting for you close the previous.
I've never had the patience to add them all and I closed the program before completion.
I think if it's not possible to disable the opening of the files to add, the program loses much of the power it has.

I hope there is some way to disable.

thakns in advance




it depends very much on your default pdf viewing/printing application. Adobe Reader won´t print without opening the PDF first and you need to close it manually. Try using foxit reader, it at least closes itself.

Or you could simply use the PDFArchitekt for this.

Third option is combining the PDFs per script, examples can be found in PDFCreator->PlugIns->pdfforge->pdfforge.chm.