Does anybody know if you can make a PDF from PDFCreator that will have OPI links in it?




what is OPI?

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Open Prepress Interface (OPI) is an extension of the PostScript page-description language that enables you to design pages with low-resolution images, then replace those images with high-resolution images when printing separations. By using low-resolution images for page layout (e.g., in Adobe PageMaker or QuarkXPress), you can reduce the size of your page layout file and reduce processing time when you work in the file.  

Its a option that is available in postscript as well as PDF. It enables you to output a file into ps or pdf with lores that have a "comment" that links to the hires. This is a procedure that is used in prepress.

The most common spec is Adobe's OPI version 2.0 for PDF.

this is a link to adobe's spec