Optimium Profile Settings for Scanned Documents

Forgive the newbie questions, but I’m looking for some advice on creating a custom profile.

I normally scan documents to JPG’s of 600 DPI resolution. I am looking to create PDF files that have the same resolution/quality. In line with that, I have two questions about the ‘Output Format’ settings:

  • What ‘Image Compression’ do I use?
  • Should I check ‘Resample Images’? 600 DPI?


Hi John,

if the file size is lees important than the quality, I recommend using lossless ZIP compression to retain the entire quality of the original. If you need a mix of low file size and decent quality, you can use a low JPEG compression.
Resampling can only be used to reduce the quality/file size, it won’t improve the quality. If you have images with over 600 DPI, you can increase the DPI for the PDFCreator output in the settings of the virtual PDFCreator printer, but if your input has 600 DPI no changes are required, as 600 is the default setting.

Best regards


Thanks for the onfo, Robin.