Option to configure PDF version

I installed the beta 1.9.2 (and am happy with the way things are looking).

Looking through the options, I couldn’t find a place to set the PDF version (i.e., 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5). It defaulted to 1.4.

I could only find PDF, PDF/X, and PDF/A. Is there something I missed, or this functionality not implemented yet (or not going to be)?

Hallo TeutonJon78,

You are right, the default PDF version is 1.4.
For specific settings PDFCreator automatically increases the version.  
F.e. 128 Bit AES encryption requires PDF version 1.6.


So it will default to 1.4 for all documents unless it needs a specific feature and then will up the version as needed? So for example, if I’m using an opentype font and it gets embedded, then it will hop to 1.6 as well?

Pretty cool, and removes an option that confuses people (myself included).