Options in COM interface


I have a question about setting up pdf options when I use pdf creator com interface. If I use the method cSaveOptions, most of time it works (sometimes it hangs), but options are saved for the future jobs. So if user wants to convert some file, pdf creator remember last options from COM conversion. It isn't possible to use it.


So I use only assignment:

PDFOptions := PDFCreator.cOptions;
…set up options
PDFCreator.cOptions := PDFOptions;

<p>Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't use these options but it use default options, because PDF Creator hangs and when I start PDFCreator (standard application), dialog for saving file appears. This problem appears very frequently.</p><p>Could you help me, which method I should use and why pdf creator doesn't use the assigned options?</p><p>Thanks a lot.</p>

You must insert cStart command before


PDFOptions := PDFCreator.cOptions;