Orientation landscape - portrait


I had the problem, only by printing pdf files with pdf creator 1.7.2.
E.G. : a MS-Word file in landscape was correctly printed, but the additionnal page (landscape, coming from a scanned pdf file), was always in portrait… 
Even when alone printed, a pdf scanned file in landscape was printed in portrait…

I solved it by unsinstalling last version 1.7.2 and reinstalling version 1.6.2.
Not beautiful, but efficient…

I had the same problem when I merge portrail and landscape documents. I solved using old Ghostscript (v8.50). Now documents are correctly oriented in final pdf.

Thanks Chrispale for your response.

How do you use Ghostscript v8.50 ? And how do you install it ? Where is it downloaded ? What is it to be configured (if needed ?)
I only installed pdf creator in one time, without add-on or add-in…

You can download GS 8.50 at this link:

Install this and select this version under PDFCreator settings.

Thank you.