Orientation of the text in tables


Hello ,
My environment :slight_smile:

  1. Locally installed PDFcreator ( latest ,OS :Win10) , Application over Citrix 6.5 = error output
  2. Locally installed PDFcreator ( 1.7.1 ,OS :Win7) , Application over Citrix 6.5 = output OK
    The application generates invoices which consist of table and text inside.
    On the second configuration everything works ok ( preview and saved PDF file are OK )
    On the first the preview looks OK but the resulting PDF file is printed awkwardly: Tables look correct but text inside is rotated horizontaly, so every latter lies on its back .

Can U help ?




sorry for the trouble.
I am not sure if this helps, but please try setting the desired page orientation directly in the "Convert" section of the PDFCreator profile settings. By default we try to detect the orientation automatically, but this doesn't always work properly so in some cases it is required to set this manually.

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I have tried this suggested setting and with no luck.
I hav ealso tried with the version between 1.7.0 and current Always with same result.The table and the picture ( smal comany icon in the left upper coner )in the documnet are recognized correctly Only text is not.If the letter would be rotated 90 clockwise and put into appropiate table position it would do the job.