Page numeration broken when joining files




I have a user who has the following problem:


"We have to generate regularly pdf-documents with the pdf-creator which are made up of word-Documents, prints from our HOST-System and from our DKA-Digitale-Kontoakte-System.

So we add Document A + Document B + Document C with the pdf-Creator and the result is our "Verdachtsanzeige".Sometimes it is necessary to print only a few pages of the Verdachtsanzeige afterwards - and here begins the Problem.

If the "Verdachtsanzeige" contains 100 Pages and you try to print Page 2-100 you would not get page 2-100 but for example page 17-100.

It seems as if the numeration of the pages gets wrong in the first step (adding Document A + Document B …).

This problem exists with more than one document and to multiple users and with different pcs.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem at any time. "


Has anybody else experienced such a problem and knows how to resolve it? We are using version 1.2.0.


Thanks in advance



they way how documents are merged has improved in version 1.3.x and should solve your problem. 





I am in the process of requesting the new version to be packaged in my company, but it may take some time before it is released.

Have you seen this issue in 1.2 before? is it a know issue fixed in 1.3?




have you tried using the newest version (1.3.1)?