Page orientation with PDF creation in Excel macro


I have used PDF Creator to create some document now and then from a Excel document.
PDF documents should be in files by one A4 sized document in portrait.

Once again I try to use the same macro as earlier few months ago.
BUT now I get a file with one A4 in landscape including the text in A5 sized portrait.
I haven’t changed anything in my macro.

I have a feeling that I got new version of PDFCreator meanwhile.
I’m using version 1.7.3.

I have searched the PDFCreator settings to overcome this problem, but haven’t been able to find a solution to solve the problem.

Can anybody help?

Thx in advance!


is it possible the excel printing settings have changed?
If not, could you send us a copy of the Excel dokument so we can have a look at it ( I can’t think of a setting which would do this in PDFCreator, but it is possible a version change caused this, if the ghostscript version was also increased with the update. You can manually download older Versions of ghostscript and tell PDFCreator to use them in the ghostscript section of the PDFCreator options.

best regards

Ohhh …

Didn’t check the settings, sorry!
Somehow the printer settings for PDFCreator in that excel have been changed.
Resetting solved the problem.