Page Size is Automatically Reduced

Version 1.1.0 and now 1.2.0 both automatically re-size our pages down., slightly, to about 95% of the original size.   We have searched through every possible parameter, and can not find the source of the problem.  We are using Word 2010 and WIN 7 x64.  The probelm did not occur untiil we installed 1.1.0.

Found my own answer finally, and post it for others:  It's a Word setting.  But, we didn't have the issue until the two latest PDFCreator issues.  In Word 2010, click Print, select Page Setup and click the Paper tab.  In the lower right corner, click on Print Options ... and select Advanced in the lefthand column.   Scroll down to "Print," and UNCHECK the box Scale content for A4 and 8.5 x 11" paper sizes."  This should result in true scale prints to .pdf file.

Thank you for this solution! I'm using v1.20 with MS Word 2010 but the 32-bit version, and I had a slightly different problem. I noticed that my page image seemed to have been shifted up a little bit - the top margin was narrower and the bottom was wider. I didn't notice any width changes.

I came here and searched on "Word 2010" and found your solution, which also worked for me. Thank you!