Page size: "Server settings" versus "Custom page" versus "used fixed"


There are three ways to enter a user defined page size - and two (?) ways to select them:

a) Start the printer-setings in Windows, select “Server” and add a new standard-size “myformat” with your height and width.
b) Select and modify the “Custom Page settings” in the dialogue of the Postscript-Printer.
c) Select “Use fixed page” in settings of PDF-creator.

Now I don’t see what should happen when and why …

For example:

  • If I select “DIN A2” in printer settings, then I get a DIN A2. That’s fine.
  • If I select “DIN A2” in printer settings and “use fixed page: DIN A4” in PDFCreator, then I get an empty(!) DIN A4. That’s not fine…
  • EDIT: If I select “DIN A4” in printer settings and “use fixed page: DIN A0” in
    PDFCreator, then I get a DIN A0, where the contents has the area of a DIN A4 and is placed in the lower left corner. That’s not fine either …
So I want to ask:
  • What is the “logic” behind the different formats?
  • What should I select when?
  • How is the content scaled / formatted to what?
  • If I print an image with “fit to A3 from my image-viewer”, and in PDFCreator I use “use fixed A4” - what should be the result?
Thanks and regards



a.) is the best way to do it
b.) also works, but you can only define one format and if you do it while printing, it will not get saved permanently.
c.) cuts off everything extending the defined paper size.

Content isn’t scaled or formatted by PDFCreator.
If you print from your viewer like described, you will get an A4 containing half of your A3.



Thanks for the reply, Robin.

So the following question is:
“What is the best way to modify a named page-size without any dialogue, but using something like VBS, WS, rundll, power shell, cmd, …”?

The idea behind it is:
I want to create a (semi-)automated print command for large-format drawings, where every drawing has different sizes: 30x150cm or 42x185cm or 68x255cm or …

Any ideas to handle it in PDF-Creator?
For example …
a) print always to custom-page-size 5000x5000 mm
b) run a VBS before printing which sets the “used size” to the size I need

Is there a command which crops the paper-size to the “real size of printed area”?