Pas d activation possible alors que j ai acheté le logiciel!

j'ai acheté la version pro le 16/04 et aujourd hui on me demande de repayer ? C'est du vol !
Je n ai pas moyen de réinstaller ma clé d activation, tout me renvoie sur le site !
Merci de régler très rapidement le probleme

Hi @Patricia1

Did you purchase PDFCreator or PDF Architect?
I'm asking because there is no PDFCreator Pro package.

It's a pdfarchitect pro.

I moved the topic to the PDF Architect section.

It's likely that PDF Architect Free is active on your PC.
You'll need to reactivate the Professional license using the "Switch Product" function.
Please find a detailed guide here:

Sorry about the tone of my e-mail, but I was frustrated that I couldn’t use the software. The process to implement the version is confusing not intuitive. But you brilliantly answered my question! Thank you

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