Pb with Page numbering in merged pdf


congratulation for this very useful software. I use it very frequently, to create .pdf from scratch, or by merging documents, or by picking pages in different documents.

Regarding these two last cases, I have however a blocking problem with the way pages are numbered in a merged document:

- I create a 1st .pdf doc from scratch (e.g. printing a Word doc)



- I create a 2nd .pdf doc from scratch

- I create a 3rd by printing page 2 of 1st doc followed by the whole 2nd doc; I get what I call a merged .pdf

- if now I want to print page 2 of this merged doc, what is printed is in fact its first page, as if this merged doc had memorized that its 1st page was coming from the 2nd page of another document.

Is this a bug? is there a workaround? This does not prevent from creating merged documents, but it prevents from using such merged documents to create others, or to print only some pages of them, which is a severe restriction.

Thanks in advance