PCL Driver alternative

Could PDFCreator be “all included”?
It would be great to have aside of the postscript printer a pcl printer.
The point is to use from start to end truetype fonts with exact spacing.


having two completely separate conversion processes does not make too much sense, as it includes a lot of work.

That said: We are currently working (in a very early stage) on implementing a printer driver which will allow just what you have said. But I can’t give any idea or promise on the time frame as we are currently trying and learning a lot and it is not certain when we will have something representable…

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Hi, just a word to say ok thanks for the improvements and stability but it would be much appreciated to be able to print via pcl a pdf including all vectorial true type fonts used.
The fact is in some cases (like the test page) postscript driver output a file which is not readable by adobe reader (squares) beneath