PDF 1.3.1 COM\\Dot Net\\VS2005\\Visual Basic\\Sample1 issues

I am using the example Dot Net \\ VS2005 \\ Visual Basic \\ Sample1. When you convert a PDF to TXT file everything works fine. When I try to convert a doc, html, excel...(all this files are Printable???) the application does not exit the Loop
With Timer1
                 . Interval = 1000 * MaxTime
                 . Enabled = True
                 And Do While Not ReadyState. Enabled
                     Application.DoEvents ()
                 . Enabled = False
             end With

after 15 to 20 seconds gives an error message "". What should I do??

In version 1.2.3 this problem did not exist.



Gilberto Valente


I just replied to your other post: http://de.pdfforge.org/forum/open-discussion/8368-help-pdfcreator-131-printo-pdf-loop-readystate-don%C2%B4t-exit#comment-5749