PDF/A => duplicates the keywords seperated by a Semicolon

I generate PDF's with keywords, when I use the Subformat PDF/A the PDFCreator duplicates the keywords.

Example (PDF):
My keywords: "Name, Ordernumber"

Example (PDF/A)_

My keywords: "Name, Ordernumber";"Name, Ordernumber"


I couldn't reproduce it. I'm using PDFCreator 1.2.0 and Adobe Reader X.

Thanks for your answer. The Problem is the ". Quote your keywords, than you can reproduce it.


 Okay, nice to know. Next time I will test it with foxit Reader first. :-)

I've tested it and now I can reproduce it. I've checked the pdf file with a text editor and the problem is not the pdf file! It's the Adobe Reader. When you open the pdf file with Foxit Reader the keywords are shown correct also the quote.