PDF/A file with digital signature fails PDF/A validation


We use PDFCreator Business for converting Word documents in PDF/A files. PDFCreator is also configured to sign the converted PDF/A with a digital certificate. Validation against the PDF/A standard with veraPDF however fails, because the font used for displaying the signature on the first page (is a requirement) is not embedded into the PDF/A document by PDFCreator. How can we solve this issue?




sorry for the trouble.
I was only able to reproduce this issue in the free version, could you please us send any document containing this issue to support(at)pdfforge.org?

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Just to be sure: We installed the current business version and entered the license code which was successfully validated. A free version was installed on the same system before. In Programs & Feature it says "PDFCreator Business", but if we open the application it still says "PDFCreator Free". So we assume that we use PDFCreator Business. Or should it say "PDFCreator Business" in the application screen too?


Sorry about that; it should say PDFCreator Business inside the application window, too.
I am not sure how this is possible but it seems at least some of the components of your installed PDFCreator belong to the free edition. Normally the setup will block the install until the previous version was uninstalled or uninstall it automatically (depending on the type of setup used). We will look into it. To ensure you have a properly installed PDFCreator Business, please uninstall the current version through the control panel and delete any potentially leftover files inside the PDFCreator installation path (usually %programfiles%\PDFCreator), then reboot and install again. PDFCreator Business uses pdftools to additionally ensure PDF/A conformance after the conversion.
We have also found the cause of the issue inside the free version and it will get fixed for the next update.
The signature is applied after ensuring PDF/A conformance, but it uses a font which then isn't embedded.

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OK, thanks for the quick response. We will first try to reinstall PDFCreator Business.

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