PDF/A, png images: white turned to yellow

Version, Windws 8.1 64 bit

When printing a pdf/a (long term preservation) from a pdf with png images (obtained from latex with PDFlatex), the white color of the images is turned to yellow. I’have tried many different combinations of all the settings and nothing changed.

Did not try with other image formats (because PDFlatex wants png as input).

Printing a normal pdf works fine.

Maybe it’s not a bug but I can’t figure how to solve this issue. Thanks.

Problem solved, it was not PDFcreator’s fault but Adobe Reader’s!
When you print from Adobe Reader, make sure to select, under advanced options before printing, “manage color by printer” (or something like that, I’m not using the english version) and just leave everything else as default in PDFcreator. Doing so, the PDF/A output will have image colors just as they should be.

This is a great piece of sotware, love it, many kudos to the developer(s)!