PDF Archictect Activation Needed?

I am using Win7 64-bit.

I want to print a Word 2007 document as a pdf file.

I just downloaded and installed the latest version 1.6.1 of PDF Creator.

I created a test document in Word.
I clicked the Office button, the Print> Print as PDF Document.

An error message popped up in the tray along the page bottom: Current version of the PDF Architect does not support the one click to PDF function. Please activate your version of the PDF Architect.

Where? How?


let me explain a little:

The PDFCreator and the PDFArchitect are two different programs (the PDFArchitect gets installed together with PDFCreator by default)
The PDFCreator works as a virtual printer, you can create a PDF from any application that can print, without any further activation. This is done in the same way as printing to a phisical printer, with the only difference beeing you select the PDFCreator printer instead.

The office button is part of PDFArchitect which you can best learn about by starting the PDFArchitect.exe, nearly everything about it is explained there.