PDF Architect 5 - Modules

Is it still possible to add modules to version 5? I would like to add the Review module, but can't find any information on it. I don't use the software enough to warrant upgrading to an annual subscription for version 7.

I have PDF Architect 5 Standard Edition.

Thank you


Before you upgrade, let me tell you about the subscription version. I had a fully functional application of pdf architect until auto-renewed in March 2020. They keep sending me links to the free download. Never had trouble with original subscription and actually would have recommended it. But since the auto-renewal, it deactivated and it's never worked even though deducted funds from my paypal account (and now it's July and I am still waiting for a refund). It was the 3-computer license program and I had only used for one computer. I've spent about 16 to 20 hours dealing with this issue and can't get any decent assistance from tech support. Has anyone else had similar issues?

Very disappointed with customer service!!

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Thank you. I've pretty much decided I'm not going to upgrade. I really don't use it enough to warrant the outlay.