PDF Architect 5 Professional - some issues

Two issues I encountered today:

a) I purchased a PDF Architect 5 Professional license in 2017. Today, I wanted to check how the e-signature Feature works and registered for this (free 14-days Trial period). All of a sudden, my PDF Architect 5 Professional License is set to PDF Architect Free and the product I purchased is no longer available. I miss all Features of the PDF Architect 5 Professional license!! HELP!! This makes me rather desperate now!!

b) I am replacing my current Notebook and want to use my purchased license of PDF Architect 5 Professional on my new Notebook (using the same E-Mail address as before). At the same time, I would deactivate my old Notebook. How do I 'move' my license to the new Notebook?

All this hassle really Impacts my Business for which I have bought this license. Hope to get quick and helpful answers!!


sorry for the trouble.
I am not 100% sure what happened in case a), but we can happily give you a new key if you send us the old one, afterwardsyou can use PDF Architect on the new notebook.

Best regards