PDF Architect 6


To Convert PDF to xlsx by separating the data into cells.
How to do it, because everything comes in a single cell.
So it does not solve, therefore, it is easier to enter all the data than this form of conversion.



usually the default conversion should already create multiple cells. Are there visual lines in the table, or are the elements just ordered in a table like manner? You can reach our phone support through http://web.pdfarchitect.org/support?lang=en

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Actually the app does not meet my needs. How do I request the cancellation of the purchase? and the return of the value?



No worries. Please follow the instructions stated here:

“We are providing you with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you want a refund during 30 days purchasing PDF Architect, you will get your money back. Please contact our payment provider Upclick by responding to your order confirmation mail or using the after sales page.”

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