PDF Architect 7 and OCR

Few minutes ago, I bough PDF Architect 7 with OCR module.
I received 2 links to download files, "PDF Architect - Plan Professional" and " "PDF Architect - Plan OCR".
But the two links, on web page and mail, download same file "PDF_Architect_7_Installer.exe"
I installed it, put my account, PDF Architect 7 is OK but OCR module not.
When I click on "OCR", and "Auto", I have a message "OCR module is not installed, want to download it ?", I click "Yes" but nothing after that.
Can you help me ? Is there a bad link for OCR file ?


sorry for the trouble. The installers are always the same; what actually gets installed should only depend on your selection , e.g. you can even install modules you don't own; but you can only use them if they are included in your plan, otherwise they will remain inactive.
It might take a little to download the OCR module i the background and you might need to restart PDF Architect once the module has finished installing.
You can also install the module directly through the Windows control panel "Programs and Features".
Select PDF Architect from the list of installed applications and press the uninstall/modify button.
Now a PDF Architect windows will open-> select modify, on the next screen expand the list of modules and check the OCR module, then press next.
If this doesn't help, please contact the PDF Architect Support Team directly.

Best regards


I tried to install the module like you said, directly through the Windows control panel ("Programs and Features", "PDF Architect", "Uninstall/modify", and "Modify", checked all the modules.
After installation, everything is good.
Many thanks