PDF Architect 7 Pro freezing when editing

I have a ~10MB pdf that I am adding text to and need to edit some previously placed text. When I switch to the "Edit" mode, PDF Architect freezes and windows says it is not responding. I have to kill the process and reopen. If i edit again, it'll freeze again. This is the only reason I bought this software. Please help fix this.

Hi @pharlan42,

I'm not aware of this issue, please try to reinstall the software or contact the PDF Architect support via https://support.pdfarchitect.org/hc/en-us

@pharlan42 I ran into exactly the same problem yesterday. I had to uninstall and reinstall PDF Architect to get it to work. But now today the freezing is back again. Did you ever get a resolution from PDFForge?

They had me install pdf architect 6.0. The freezing doesn't happen on that version, but it's still a little laggey. They admitted it was a known bug and will work on a fix for the next update.

We are new to using the software and so far its been great but I have a user that has the same problem and I've uninstalled / installed PDF Architect several times. If we have PDF Architect 7 can we just download and install PDF Architect 6 or is there an activation they need to send us? I've sent the issue to tech support and I'm waiting for an answer.

Thanks for you time

Unfortunately I cannot say for sure if you have login rights to version 6 when you purchase 7. Contacting support for this is the right move. Please update this forum with the answer to this question when you learn it from support. Also, please ask them when this bug will be fixed and the lagging will be eliminated as it is a nagging persistent issue with my workload.


Sorry I haven't updated this thread. Things have been crazy. We finally got the problem corrected for my user. I turned off the GPU Accelerated Graphics and also updated the chipset. The user's computer and PDF Architect have been working fine. Before we did this the computer's fan would sound a jet starting up and then the program would become unresponsive. Hopefully this helps.