PDF Architect 7 Pro freezing when editing

I have a ~10MB pdf that I am adding text to and need to edit some previously placed text. When I switch to the "Edit" mode, PDF Architect freezes and windows says it is not responding. I have to kill the process and reopen. If i edit again, it'll freeze again. This is the only reason I bought this software. Please help fix this.

Hi @pharlan42,

I'm not aware of this issue, please try to reinstall the software or contact the PDF Architect support via https://support.pdfarchitect.org/hc/en-us

@pharlan42 I ran into exactly the same problem yesterday. I had to uninstall and reinstall PDF Architect to get it to work. But now today the freezing is back again. Did you ever get a resolution from PDFForge?

They had me install pdf architect 6.0. The freezing doesn't happen on that version, but it's still a little laggey. They admitted it was a known bug and will work on a fix for the next update.