PDF Architect 7 - Terminal Server issue - user logoff leads to pop-under dialog


I have a problem with PDF Architect 7, terminal server edition on Server 2008 R2 (due for replacement imminently). Users log off their remote desktop session with PDF Architect running. They do not see anything unusual but the PDF Architect application attempts to display a close/save files dialog on the screen. The RDS server becomes unresponsive which is very bad news.

When I connect to the console as domain admin I see a popup saying an app is trying to communicate 'do I want to see it'. The popup shown is PDF Architect asking to close/save the files - which I can cancel or accept. Then the server becomes responsive to RDP again.

I am using v7.1.14.4969 (64-bit)

Are there updates to PDF architect, or workarounds I can use?