PDF architect 8 the notifications section is empty

The version:
The section:

How do I disable notifications? immagine
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the pdfforge forums @Paolo_Lionetti

I've forwarded your request to the customer service team.
Please try reinstalling PDF Architect using the installer found here: pdfforge Download

Btw. you can disable program specific notifications in Windows via System -> Notifications & actions

It should actually look like this:


It is a big problem for a software used in production that should have absolute guarantees of stability!
The problem occurred after the last update so it would be desirable that a patch be distributed.

However I temporarily fixed it by blocking notifications on session hosts of our architecture, with the inconvenience of no longer receiving any notification .

At my new job, I have to work a lot with pdf files. Hopefully section 8 will be operational soon.

i think section 8 is perfect for for my product