PDF Architect consumes > 1GB of memory, breaks down - bug report

I have a 5MB file, 16 pages, all pages are images of black and white papers from a scanned document at 300DPI.

On opening the file, memory consumption shoots up to > 1GB (watching task manager, memory usage moves up in sync with the pages being loaded in the preview pane), some pages appear as blank (in the preview pane and the page itself), and after working with the file (rotation and re-ordering of pages), memory consumption keeps going up until it becomes unresponsive or throws and error.

I saw in another post that the entire code is being revamped, wanted to get this bug report in there.


I have a similar problem. I opened around 10 PDFs (mostly text in it!) and wanted to merge them into one, but the RAM usage shoots up to around 1,4 GB and the PDFArchitect just gives a SystemOutOfMemory Exception.

If its possible, give a little bit more options the user can change except changing the language of the PDFArchitect (that is really the smallest options-Form i have ever seen in any program).

I suspect you have implemented some kind of indexing of the documents which just eats up the whole RAM. Maybe that is useful sometimes, but it would be nice if you could let the user decide, what should be done with his RAM and what should not? Maybe give a Checkbox like “Turn off insane RAM consumption indexing procedure”.