PDF Architect Extended Download Protection. What does this mean?


I am about to purchase PDF Architect 5 - Professional Package what does PDF Architect Extended Download Protection give you?



the extended download protection is provided by our reseller Upclick, please visit www.upclk.com for more details. As far as I understand, it is a backup of the purchased software’s installer files on Upclicks servers.

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so, do I have to purchase it?



it is 100% optional and up to now all installers for PDF Architect are available on our own download servers.


Response regarding download protection "option" was a clear as mud. If I'm purchasing via reseller, the integrity of the product should be guaranteed by the author -- regardless! In other words, if I need to reimage my machine some day in the future, I should be able to obtain a subsequent download commensurate with my license. Otherwise, send me a disk or flash drive with my purchase. This has stopped me dead in my purchase. I don't like double vague talk. Be straight!



thanks for the feedback. As you can see on our download page, we keep all PDF Architect installers available for free download: http://download.pdfforge.org/
The download protection is something our reseller Upclick offers for all software purchased through them by default,regardless of whether there are other download sources available or not.

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I have read a couple of threads now that have involved Upclick. I'm sorry but you guys need to get your own payment acceptance ability because (1) I do not feel comfortable giving my payment information to a 3rd party, (2) It sounds like Upclick tries to scam your customers - especially when neither they nor PDF Forge provide ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER as to even "what" the extended protection" is and (3) it sounds like Upclick is extremely hard to work with which is also a deterrent for me.


Is it possible to download the off-line for PDF Architect 5?