PDF Architect - Internet Explorer and Windows 8


I have a client who has PDF Architect installed on all of their machines. I have deployed the site on their server and on Windows 8, they are facing a trouble that it tries to open the PDF file (browser is Internet Explorer 11), it says loading in PDF-Architect and then nothing happens. There is no error displayed whatsoever. It will be great help if you can suggest what to do. I am pasting the simple code here as well.

        With Page.Response
            .Buffer = True
            .Charset = ""
            .ContentType = Type
            If DownloadName <> "" Then
                .AddHeader("content-disposition", "filename=""" + DownloadName + """") 
                .AddHeader("content-type", Type)
            End If

Here Data is binary data for the PDF. If i save it to disk and open the PDF, it works fine. But because PDF Architect plugin is installed, it does not open the file at all.

Please help