PDF Architect keeps PDFs files open after closing them

I have merge two PDFs into a single PDF file. When I want to delete the orginial files I can´t because PDF Architects keeps them open, even after I close it. Windows says “The action can´t be completed because the file is open in PDF Architect 5”. I have opend and closed PDF Architect several times and doesn´t solve the problem. The only way is by “killing” the task “PDF Architect 5” with Task Manager.
Can you help? This is a deal bracker for me. I merge files and delete the original ones all the time .


I think the cause for this could be the “hibernate on close for quick launch” option in PDF Architect. Please try if disabling this option under help->options->general solves the issue.
In theory, it should only keep open the application itself and unload the file(s) but from what you are describing it seems there might be an issue with this.

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Ah, thank you!!! The option “hibernate…” did the trick. I have finally said goodbye to a file I didn’t want anymore.

Thank you for this solution. I have been having this problem, too. I would like to suggest that this * not * be a default setting, as it was incredibly frustrating.