PDF Architect Licensing Issue

Is anyone else having issues? I'm logged in, but today none of the editing tools are working. I have a yearly license.

I bought PDF Architect 6. I know 7 just came out, surely I can still use 6.


sorry for the trouble.
You should still be able to use PDF Architect 6, have you already tried logging off and on / switching to the free version and back?
I am not sure what causes the issue in the first place, but switching the product and back or logging off and on again has solved it in similar cases.

Best regards


I purchased PDF Architect 7 in April 2019 and also bought the module to allow me to edit and insert items. It has been working flawlessly until yesterday. I tried to insert a picture into a document and I got a notice to Activate the module. I clicked on activate and it now wants me to purchase it again.

I did log off and back on again, but it still does not let me use the module.

I have had only problems. I bought the edit module in May (Order Number: UEER4QGY). After instaling it I still kept being prompted to buy the professional version to enable editing. It seemed I had it working after creating an account but now it is back to asking me to purchase the module again. REALLY. I just HATE this process (and PDF Forge). I used to be a giant fan of PDF Creator but this experience has flipped me to seeing your company as a disaster. Of course I also realize that my purchase only gave me 1 year of editing (haha I still have to do any useful work for my $). So really I would like my money back.