PDF Architect looking blurry


When I use PDF Architect 5, the aspect of the page is very bad. Font are blurry. I only have this problem with this software.
Here is a screen shot showing how Word looks like vs PDF Architect 5.... Any idea how to solve this?

I looked in internet and it seems this might be because I am using a high definition screen and PDF Architect does not support this yet.
I have have put the display settings at 150% otherwise all looks too small at 100%.
At 100% PDF Architects displays properly but not at 150%.
Again, I only have the problem with this software. Can PdfForge supply and updated version of their software which will solve this issue?


full HD shoudn’t be an issue, do you have a 4k screen or what kind of high definition screen is it exactly?
It might help to turn on/off the GPU accelaration and image filtering in the PDF Architect options.
We will galdly look into this and find out if it is something we can fix on our end.

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Thanks for your answer. I have a DELL XPS 13 9360. i7 CPU, 64bits.

I changed the options, it worked but now everything is very neat but very small…