PDF Architect Professional but nog insert pages tool


We have one PDF Architect Professional licence, Yearly plan, renews 10/22/2019. I use it on my desktop, but the tools I used before are no longer available!? How is this possible.

I also use this licence on mij Laptop, this should be possible because it may be used on 3 systems. But even when I disconnect this laptop, out of the assigned licences list it does still not work on the desktop.

Who can help me!?

With kind regards, Frans


sorry for the trouble. Sometimes it seems the account is logged out or changes to the free version for a yet unknown reason. Logging off and back on again and / or reselecting the proper product after logging in usually solves the issue. If it doesn't, please contact the PDF Architect Support Team, as this forum is managed by the PDFCreator Support Team and we can only provide basic help on PDF Architect topics.

Best regards


Thanks Robin,

This "solved" the problem.

With kind regards Frans