PDF Architect Will Not Open PDF's

I am wondering why PDF Architect will not open PDF's anymore. Does anyone have any info on this, the last post I saw was from 2014.

Which PDF Architect version do you use?

I have tested it with PDF Architect 7, 8, 9 without any problems.
Maybe a reboot of your computer can help.

Best Frank

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I have version 8, BUT I went to uninstall and reinstall and realized that if you select modify instead of uninstall it will actually reup the files for the program without having to go through verification and all that again. It was great. I still have no idea why the program does this, there is obviously something that still needs to be fixed or replaced. I'm looking forward to that, I go through a lot of pdfs and even 10 minutes of downtime is too much. Reboot did nothing, for the record.