PDF architect will not properly uninstall and is acting like malware

I installed PDF architect last night to test it, I IMMEDIATELY decided it was not for me and uninstalled it completely from add and remove.

TODAY however it is still poping up notifications about how ADDITIONAL ACTION IS REQUIRED even though the program is uninstalled and supposedly COMPLETELY removed it does NOT show up in add and removed.

I was worried about this type of thing when downloading this software, since its field is littered with malware and hokey install practices and strong arm tactics, so

WHY did the product not uninstall properly, and how can I uninstall it properly before I send a sample to immunet as a malware program, this thing needs to be removed from my computer, I DONT EVEN HAVE NOTIFICATIONS ENABLED FOR PROGRAMS I WANT AND USE.


AND After trashing someones computer you dont have the decency to provide a support line.


Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for the feedback.

We have many happy customers using PDF Architect. Customers deciding to uninstall via Control Panel might receive a special offer via a weblink:

Any message about 'ADDITIONAL ACTION IS REQUIRED' can be ignored and/or switched off by the user him/herself, selecting the correct button offered within a dialogue / window.

Please use this tool for a proper uninstallation of PDF Architect:

Hope it helps :slight_smile: