PDF Automated call from a program

Hello guys,

I use PDF Creator from my application, and want to save automatically the PDF into a specific directory.
This has been working fine, and now it seems that i cannot reprint the same filename. Also it is impossible to delete it, W8 gives me a : Action can’t be completed because file open in another program. But i can delete it from DOS Cmd “del blabla.pdf” without problem. It seems to me that it remains open, not for the file system, but only in the Registry parameters.
To allow automatic saving, i use to change the registry that way:
UseAutosave = 1
OpenOutputFile = 0
AutosaveDirectory = qwaqwa
LastsaveDirectory = qwaqwa
AutosaveFilename = blabla
SaveFilename = blabla

the file is saved correctly, and i can open it without problem, but cannot delete it from W8 or reprint with the same name and location.
For resetting, i just put spaces into AutosaveDirectory, LastsaveDirectory, AutosaveFilename and SaveFilename,.

Do i miss something ???

Thanks for any hint


I 've had similar problems in various programs – MSExcel files come to mind.   For them, in those situations, I closed the underlying application which had had a connection to, or control of, the file.   In that case, I closed -all- instances of MSExcel.

I suspect that a solution might be had in closing the instance of PDFCreator – once it is gone, the file latch disappears – if there is more than one instance, closing all instances.   If you’re using calls to/through the PDFCreator application interface, your might have to programmatically do the same thing,

Once the instance[s] is/are gone, Windows has no cause to think that the application is controlling the file.   I don’t know why Win error occurs, and whether it is a Win or application centric problem.   I suspect something quirky in windows.

Hi Abita,

Thanks for your answer, but i did investigate that already… As i said, it doesn’t seem to be a Windows event, because, even after a shutdown/start of Windows, the problem remains.
So either some flag of the .PDF remains open or in use, or something in the register data, PDFCreator section remains open…

But thanks for helping


I assume, then, that you did close all instances of PDFc and checked the task manager ?    I vaguely recall that I could not cure the problem unless I closed the instances, and that closing windows wouldn’t work (ie, that the instances had to be closed before the Win was shutdown.