PDF created with Printing Allowed, but user is saying his PDF client software (unknown) is asking for a password

Hi. I created a PDF allowing my users to print it, but they can't make any other changes. Today, one of them told me he is being asked to enter a password to print the file. How can this be possible?

The settings for the file are:
Changes Allowed = None
Printing Allowed = High Resolution
Enable copying of text - Not checked
Enable text access for screen reader devices - Not checked.

I also opened the PDF in other 3 laptops, using different software (Foxit Reader, Internet Explored, Adobe DC) and printing was fine, no password required.

Update: this user has a Mac, and opened the PDF with no special software. When she tried to print it, she was prompted to enter a password.


Hi Will,

I guess that the software on the user's Mac simply doesn't handle the PDF as it should.
Could you see if the user has another PDF viewer on the mac?
I assume Preview is the default app right now, maybe try setting Apple books as the default?

Hi Florian,

I asked the user to open the PDF using Chrome for Mac or Adobe and she was able to print it without having to enter a password - she is not using Preview.

But one thing I noticed while using Preview on a borrowed Mac (using Mojave): even if I protect a PDF (by using PDF Architect or Adobe) to avoid contents to be copied, Preview allows that - but Adobe does not. This may be a Preview issue, but just wanted to bring it up.



technically the entire permissions inside the PDF specification are just flags which tell the viewing application how the creator of the document would like it to treat the document, they are not binding. Most viewers respect the documents permissions, but there are some which completely ignore all or some of them.

Best regards