PDF Creater truncating image

Hi there

I've recently had need to PDF some large architect drawings (9601 x 6684 JPG). Not massive files (4.18MB).

The problem I have is that PDF Creater truncates the image on both sides by about an inch, no matter what settings I try.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.



PDFCreator itself shouldn't do any truncating, but it will always use another application to print the image from, which might have any kind of printing settings.
Did you open the image inside an image viewer and print it, did you use the drag&drop method or the"convert with PDFCreator" from the context menu?
You could also try our new PDFCreator online which will convert the image directly without printing it (in case the limitation is caused by Postscript), it doesn't require any sign up or registration:

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Hi Robin
Thanks for the response!
The image is created using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

But, I use the context-sensitive menu from Explorer to send to PDFCreator and it truncates it.
I also have exactly the same issue when I 'drag and drop' from Explorer to PDFCreator.

I will give the online version a try now and report back .