PDF Creation Methods

I am new to PDF Creator and primarily use it to convert Music Time Deluxe files to pdf formats so that I can email them to various musicians.  However, the only creation method that seems to work is the "printing" method.  I have been unsuccessful with any other method ("Drag and Drop", "Document Adding", or "Windows Explorer").  In fact, I cannot figure out how to create pdf documents from "word" or "excel" documents and have them show up in the PDFCreator Print Monitor.  For example, I tried to drag a document into the Print Monitor, but it didn't show up.  Then I tried to use "document adding," but nothing happened.  Can someone do a better job of explaining the various creation methods so that I can get them to work?

After you start the print process (File>Print -or- Cntrl-P) and the Print window opens, are you making sure PDFCreator is chosen in the Printer Name: drop down selection?

If PDFCreator is not showing up as an alternative selection to your other mechanical printers, I suggest you uninstall (Start>Cntrl Panel>Add/Remove Programs) & reinstall the software.

Depending on the program (or network?) you are trying to print from, your printer selection may scroll Left/Right, rather than Up/Down.  I've known people that didn't realize they had more network printer selections than what was visible without scrolling.